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Past Productions


The Algernon Players

Independent film in post-production

I filmed a leading role in the full-length feature The Algernon Players, currently in post-production. This found-footage horror movie about a haunted theater troupe allowed me to utilize a super naturalistic style of acting and heightened theater acting within the same role.


Play Development Series

Philadelphia Young Playwrights, directed by Donovan Lockett, Mr Stine, and Glynnis Nadelbaum

After working as a classroom actor for Philadelphia Young Playwrights, I was so honored to get to dive deeper into three pieces written by some brilliant young writers. I got to play a wide range of characters from a lawyer anxiously spiraling as she awaits a diagnosis, to a koala, to a mother comforting her grieving wife.


Hope Town

New Light Theatre, directed by Elise D'Avella

In this staged reading of the brand new play Hope Town, I played unhoused teenager Hannah and the ambitious and corporate Briana. I loved the opportunity to play two vastly different characters and help develop a brand new play.


As I Was, Not As I Am

Queens Theatre, directed by Hannah Postlewait

In this staged reading of As I Was, Not As I Am, I played Zarya, a young woman driven to extreme acts in order to help her sick friend. I had so much fun working on the hilarious and sharply modern text of this play and working with a fabulous team of women and non-binary theatre artists.

Snow Queen.jpg

The Snow Queen

Arden Theatre Company, directed by Whit MacLaughlin

Getting to work on this beautiful children's theatre production was such a wonderful experience. I understudied the roles of Elisa, Bindweed, Lil, and Robber Girl. I learned so much from being in a room full of dedicated artists working to create fully realized theatre for young audiences.

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 5.51.07 PM.png

The Pajama Game

Broadway Theatre of Pitman, directed by Bill Yerkes

I had so much fun playing the quirky character Mae in the classic musical, The Pajama Game. Mae is a gutsy lady who speaks her mind and stands up for what she believes in, and I loved getting to put my own stamp on her. For video of this production, check out my Videos tab!

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 5.51.46 PM.png

Margot and Mr. Fog

Philadelphia Women's Theatre Festival, directed by Elise D'Avella

I had the wonderful opportunity to originate the role of Margot in the world premiere of the TYA musical, Margot and Mr. Fog. This lovely musical talks about mental health in a way that audiences of all ages can understand and appreciate. It was such a great experience being the first person to play a role and getting to leave my mark on the show for future productions.



Inis Nua Theatre Company, directed by Elise D'Avella

This staged reading was part of Inis Nua's Medicine in Modern Life reading series. It was such an interesting experience doing the research necessary to play a twelve-year-old girl diagnosed with psychopathy. I loved getting the chance to tell this surprising and heartbreaking story.

milk wood with credit.JPG

Under Milk Wood

Temple Theaters, directed by Peter Reynolds

Written by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, Under Milk Wood is a "play for voices." This was a true ensemble piece, where each actor got to play several characters and often rapidly shift between characters. As Mrs. Ogmore-Pritchard, Mrs. Utah Watkins, and several other characters, I had the chance to work on developing larger-than-life characters through bold and specific vocal and physical choices.


A Midsummer Night's Dream

Temple Theaters, directed by Lynne Innerst

I had the pleasure of being in one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, A Midsummer Night's Dream, as the fairy Peaseblossom. I got to work on unique, other-worldly physicality and also collaborate with the other fairies to create original music for the fairy lullaby. For video of this production, check out my Videos tab!


Long Trouble

Svaha Theatre Collective, directed by Elise D'Avella

One of my favorite projects that I have ever worked on, Long Trouble was an adaptation of Shakespeare and Fletcher's Henry VIII. Combining the original text with actual quotes from Mary Tudor, Catherine of Aragon, and Anne Boleyn, this play sought to reclaim the narrative of the women in Henry's life. As a young Mary Tudor, I got to explore the early life of a woman known to history as a bloody tyrant. I also got to work on original music and play my guitar and kalimba in the piece. 


Shakespeare for All!

Saratoga Shakespeare Company, directed by Louis Butelli and Leah Walton

Shakespeare for All! was an incredibly fulfilling touring production that I got to work on with Saratoga Shakespeare Company. We worked together as an ensemble to create a showcase of Shakespeare scenes and songs. I got to play roles that pushed me out of my comfort zone, such as Hamlet and Queen Elizabeth from Richard III. I also got to compose original music and work collaboratively to incorporate transition music into the piece. 


As You Like It

Saratoga Shakespeare Company, directed by Elizabeth Carlson-Guerin

I loved getting to work on this joyful, outdoor production of As You Like It. Our production had a lot of movement work to establish the worlds of the court and the forest. One of my favorite moments was crawling out from under the stage during our epic transition into the forest of Arden! I also had a lot of fun understudying the iconic character, Jaques.



Temple Theaters, directed by Brandon McShaffrey

I had the unique opportunity as a swing to understudy the six female dancer roles in Chicago. I got to learn the original Fosse choreography and track all of the spacing for six roles. Because this production was a collaboration between current students and alumni, I had a lot of opportunities to go on during the rehearsal process.


The Arsonists

Temple Theaters Side Stage Season, directed by Lyell Hintz and Nik Slackman

The Arsonists is a dark comedy that acts as a metaphor for the rise of fascism. I played Anna, the maid for the Biedermanns, who are charmed and manipulated by a group of arsonists. Anna acts as the powerless voice of reason; she sees the arsonists for who they really are but has no power to stop them. 

guys and dolls_edited.jpg

Guys and Dolls

Temple Theaters, directed by Peter Reynolds

In the classic musical Guys and Dolls, I played a streetwalker in the ensemble while also swinging six Hot Box Dancer roles and understudying General Cartwright. I loved developing my own unique character in the ensemble and having the freedom to go over-the-top within the world of Runyanland!

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 12.39.26

Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey Summer Professional Training Program

Acting Apprentice Summer 2017

I had the amazing opportunity to learn and grow as an acting apprentice at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey. Through classes and performance opportunities, I got to hone my craft and cultivate my passion for classical theatre and ensemble work. For our final project, The Two Noble Kinsmen, I played Athenian general Artesius and collaborated with the ensemble to write original music for the piece.


Julius Caesar

Temple Theaters, directed by Elizabeth Carlson-Guerin

As my first Shakespeare play, Julius Caesar holds a special place in my heart. Playing Mark Antony gave me a feeling of empowerment that I had never experienced before. Our hour-long cut of the play focused on the political intrigue and rhetoric of the story. As Mark Antony, I got to go on a journey from a sidekick to a leader.

mime guy.jpg

Mime Guy

Philadelphia Young Playwrights New Voices Festival, directed by Amy Blumberg

One of the most creative plays I've ever gotten to work on was Mime Guy, a play written by a high school student for the Philadelphia Young Playwrights New Voices Festival. Fun, colorful, and heartfelt, Mime Guy was a true ensemble piece. Going from a beatboxer in a park to a student in mime school, I had so much fun onstage in this piece.

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 12.35.33

Heathers the Musical

Music Mountain Theatre, directed by Jordan Brennan

The musical that shares my name! I had so much fun playing the Stoner Chick in this iconic and hilarious dark comedy. This production taught me a lot about creating my own distinct character while also blending with the rest of the ensemble.

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